An exchange of ideas

As scientific knowledge advance, it becomes harder and harder to bring novelty. Few modern work can be built from scratch and often we stand by the work of others. By chance it also alow the emergence of new technique and technology.

A good example would be informatics, a discipline that help people to share knowledge. Often cited, the internet brings the knowledge in all region of the world. But this is not representing the only crystallized knowledge now available at our fingertips. Software and hardware come in thousand of forms and allow the transmission of knowledge from any discipline, to any discipline.

The biologist doesn't have to study hard core mathematical to use powerful math software, as a physician doesn't have to learn about physics to use an X-Ray. This is great, but sometimes can also be a trap. Even if the blind technological gift is quick, often a little bit of knowledge should also be transmitted, both way, so the user can enjoy all the capacity of the new technology and the creator to adapt his creation.

Welcome to my personal website, where I will try to keep a connection with people that might use the crystallized knowledge I will give. It will also, allow people to communicate with me to point out where things can be better, and where mistakes are made.

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